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7.5 acres, near Sissinghurst, Kent
For Sale - Fixed Price £75,000

Trub Wood is mainly sweet chestnut coppice at various stages of the coppicing cycle, interspersed with oaks and a scattering of birch, beech, hornbeam, rowan, holly and poplar. There is the occasional conifer in the south of the wood. Overlooking farmland on three sides, Trub Wood has a lot of field edge, and therefore plenty of daylight. Cutting the coppice a little at a time would be the best way to encourage biodiversity and wildlife by letting additional sunlight into the woodland. The coppice would also provide an owner a useful supply of chestnut poles or firewood.

Natural England designates Trub Wood as an Ancient semi-natural Woodland (ASNW). This means it has been wooded since at least 1600AD. It has an ancient wood bank along most of its field boundary.

Trub Wood is in the furthest northern part of Brewers Wood, and lies in the High Weald AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). This means the area in which Trub Wood is situated has been designated by the Government under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949, solely because of its natural beauty and with the aim of conserving and enhancing it.

The owner of Trub Wood will have vehicle rights of way along the tracks on the map marked in green. Stoned tracks lead all the way to the ridestop entrance for Trub Wood. Here owners are able to drive in and park a car within the wood itself. There is a seat on the west side of Trub Wood where an owner can enjoy the peace and quiet and the splendour of the bluebells in late spring. Despite its unusual shape and the short section of public footpath across the south-east corner of the wood, Trub Wood has a lot to offer and is a very private woodland.

There is a report on Brewers Wood by Julian Evans author of “Getting Started in a Wood of Your Own”. The report covers the wider area of Brewers Wood and advice is not compulsory.

Trub Wood was recently named after a brewing term (being found in Brewers Wood). Trub is the term used for the material left in the hopback after the wort has been boiled then transferred and cooled.

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